After several years of teaching a basics of filmmaking workshop online and in person, our founder Courtney Holmes started to get feedback from students who wanted more. More education, more support, and more community.

So in mid 2017 Courtney started writing a plan for the FilmingLife Academy, a concept that would change the game for photographer/filmmakers in the family genre. To date, the only filmmaking education available for family photographers has been targeted at beginners. There had been no other specialized education on specific topics available for advanced family filmmakers until now.

Courtney’s plan was that the Academy would not only fill this gap, but would also cater to a wide range of skill levels beyond just beginner level students and would become a place for family filmmakers around the world to connect and grow together as artists.

Since opening in April 2018, we have had more than 300 photographers join the FilmingLife Academy and with each month that goes by our students continue to grow and improve and strengthen their skills in this genre.