+ 1. I've purchased Courtney's CreativeLive Course. How is the FilmingLife Academy different?

The biggest difference between FLA and the CreativeLive class is the depth of the content and the community. At FLA you get access to more editing tutorials, as well as a lot more in depth inforomation on working with families. And then also you access to all of our specialized Masterclasses on filmmaking as well. We've recently released classes on things like how to create a showreel to market your business, and we have an in depth class on Music and Audio with Allison Redmon, plus a Birth Films class by Kailee Riches. We’ve got plans for a portfolio building Masterclass, Self Portraits, Moving Portraits, and Creativity. In addition we have a colour grading workshop that runs quarterly (separate purchase). There’s a lot! The CreativeLive class just scratches the surface!

+ 2. Can I just buy the courses without becoming a member?

There are lots of places online where you can buy a filmmaking course outright, but we aren't one of them. We update our content regularly, add new courses quarterly, and put a lot of effort into providing you with up to date education and resources on a daily basis. In addition to that, we are actively invested in your progress through our participation in the Student Hub on a daily basis. This is the reason our Academy is subscription based instead based of a one time purchase model. We actually think it's better for our students in the long run to have relevant, up to date tutorials each time they log in and access their course materials.

+ 3. Am I locked in to the membership plan?

No, you're not locked in to the membership plans, although we do suggest a commitment of at least 6 months to ensure you get the most out of your membership. We understand that people learn at different speeds based on their availability and circumstances. Once you complete the Core Curriculum (and after being a member for at least 4 months), you will have the opportunity to sit an exam to test your knowledge and gain access to the FilmingLifer membership (at a lower monthly rate).

+ 4. Is the Color Grading Workshop included in the membership plan?

No, this workshop is a quarterly intensive workshop purchased seperately to the membership plans and is exclusively available to members of the Academy only.

+ 5. What equipment do I need when I join?

  • You will need to own a DSLR or Mirrorless Camera with video functionality, any wide angle prime lens, and a camera strap in working order.
  • You will also need a fast SD or CF card made for filming. You do not need to have any audio equipment to do this course, in camera audio is fine.
  • Computer with at least 16gb RAM and enough memory/storage to work with video files.
  • A subscription to Adobe Premiere Pro CC (or you can also use Final Cut Pro or another editing software)
  • A stretchy camera strap (our favourite is a scarf strap)

+ 6. What photography skill level do I need to be at when I join?

You need to be comfortable shooting in manual mode. All courses are taught with the assumption that the photographer has a competent working knowledge of their camera settings and how to achieve correct exposure in manual mode.

+ 7. Do I need any stabilisation gear, audio equipment, or lights?

Courtney just uses her camera strap to stabilize, and all demonstrations you'll see are done without any gear apart from her camera strap. She does discuss the options for stabilization gear, but it is not a requirement to go out and buy any of them. Courtney recommends using in camera audio to start with so you do not need a microphone to do the course. She does provide links and information on microphones should you decide to purchase one, but it is not a requirement to go out and buy one beforehand. Courtney uses only natural light during her sessions. You do not need to purchase any lights prior to joining the school.

+ 8. How do the courses work inside the Academy? Do I need to be online at certain times?

Each course in the membership plan is self paced, which means you can log on at anytime, from anywhere, and work through the lessons at your own pace. Q&A is run during set times, but if you are unable to attend you can still view the discussions that happened afterwards.

+ 9. Where can I share my films and chat to other students?

When you're enrolled in a course you'll automatically be invited to join the Student Hub where you can chat to each other and share your work!

+ 10. Where can I ask questions about course materials?

The Student Hub is the place for all questions and discussions. Pop your question in there and either Courtney or one of our FilmingLife Educators will answer for you!