5 Fun Activities to Film with Your Family

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We all know the value of filming your story, but it can be easy to get stuck for ideas of just what to film. One thing we often hear lamented in the FilmingLife Academy Student Hub is that people just don’t know what to film, they think their lives are boring, or maybe it’s winter and they can’t get outdoors and so they are lacking in inspiration.

At the FilmingLife Academy we believe that no story is boring, and whether it’s something as simple as baby trying new foods, or the kids playing the backyard, there is always a story to be told.

If you find yourself lacking inspiration for what to film, or maybe you’ve got your own family film session booked and you’re worried about what you’re going to do, here are 5 fun activities to inspire you and get you thinking about how to film your story!


Not only is hiking great exercise and an activity that everyone in the family can enjoy, it brings the opportunity for exploring and getting outdoors. There are plenty of things to film while hiking, from the way the light breaks through the trees, to little red faces as they climb through the forest, to all of the wonderful little things such as leaves, rocks, bugs and of course sticks that can be found along the way.


A Film by FilmingLife Academy Founder Courtney Holmes


Beach Trips

The beach is a fabulous place to film your family having fun. There are so many amazing textures, sights & sounds and lots to do. You can build sand castles, explore the rock pools and jump the waves. Take a minute to close your eyes and really listen to the sound of the sea when you arrive, take a deep breath and use the sights & sounds to inspire your film. You can choose to focus on the whole family, or maybe pick one member to document in a moving portrait, like in this example from Academy Founder Courtney Holmes…


A film by FilmingLife Academy Founder Courtney Holmes


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Sink Baths

There’s no child that doesn’t enjoy having a sink bath, and if you have young children that are still small enough to fit in the sink this is a great activity to film. Whether it’s a tiny newborn cradled in Daddy’s hands, or a precocious toddler flinging bubbles every which way, you’ll have no shortage of smiles & giggles to capture in a film, not to mention documenting close-up those chubby little fingers & toes! Academy Manager Allison Redmon documented her twins having a sink bath and the result is delightful…



You don’t need a fancy DSLR with a water-proof housing to be able to film your family having fun in the pool. A simple GoPro or other waterproof sports camera with video capability is all you need. From the fun of diving & cannonballs to the way the light shines through the water, there is no end of opportunities for fun footage while swimming with your family. Kylie Purtell filmed her family in the pool last summer and it’s a great way to capture a snapshot of your family’s summertime fun…


Baking/Cooking together

There’s a reason why cooking with your family is one of the things a lot of family filmmakers document in their films. It’s a great way to get everyone involved & together in the one frame, and best of all, along with capturing some great family memories you’ll have something delicious to eat when you sit down to put together your film

Do you have any other fun activities to film with your family that you could add to your list? If you’re looking for more inspiration or you’re not sure where to even start when it comes to making films of your family then join the FilmingLife Academy and make a start filming YOUR story today

A film by Academy Founder Courtney Holmes

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