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Tell us a bit about yourself

I was born and raised in Russia. I graduated from the Moscow University with a degree in Finance and Economics, and then right after University I pursued my career in one of the biggest consulting companies. A few years later I met my husband while I was working in Rome, and we’ve since moved houses a few times due to our work. At the moment, we’re residing in The Netherlands together with our two young daughters.

Tell us about the kind of photography & films you create (style/genre/pro or hobby)

As a photographer and filmmaker, I am passionate about turning real life into fine art. I love to capture simple, yet classic, emotive portraits and create films preserving family memories and stories. Bringing out true personalities and capturing beautiful connections is the end goal in every image I make. I create portraits and films primarily of my own family, but occasionally I get involved in various projects for clients.

How did you first get started in photography?

I invested in my first DSLR camera when my husband and I were about to get married. It was the perfect time to get one, but it took me a long time before I opened a user manual and really knew how to use it properly. After the birth of my first child I started documenting her firsts and lasts and all the fleeting moments in between using my point-and-shoot camera, which was very simple and comfortable in operation. I also spent an enormous amount of time on the internet browsing for new ideas on memory keeping while my little kiddo was napping. I wanted to make "good" images of my family that would end up in a beautiful photo album. Fast forward two years after the birth of our second child, and I was feeling the urge to create beautiful pictures that would speak for themselves. I picked up my DSLR camera again. This time, my goal was to learn photography and build a strong relationship with my camera gear.

What made you decide to learn video? What was your motivation?

Time is slipping away with our children, and they grow so much every day. When we watch them doing things they tend to do everyday, it seems to us like these day to day things will always be in our memories. But the truth is the memories will drift away over the years. As with photography, I started crafting films on my phone creating short films from our everyday and documenting our holidays and the places we visited. A few years later my passion and love for films grew and I started learning the craft of family filmmaking taught by the incredible Courtney Holmes. Today, creating films holds a special place in my heart. My children are more enthusiastic in getting in the frame ever since I started making films. And what I especially love about films, is that they are moving emotive frames that have the power to bring on a wave of nostalgia for any particular moment, which then allows you to feel and experience that moment once again. Our video library is always on, and my children re-watch those frames over and over again laughing and truly enjoying seeing themselves, the way they looked just a few months ago, the way they talked a couple years ago, places they’ve been and so much more...

Photo by Anita Perminova

Photo by Anita Perminova

Photo by Anita Perminova

Photo by Anita Perminova

What was your biggest challenge when you first started learning video and how did you overcome it?

I am a portrait photographer. I love to be in total control of my images and craft them in line with my own vision. When I started shooting videos, I knew practically nothing. I didn’t know about color grading or how to make films look attractive and unique. For several months, I just tried to soak up all the information available on the community forum. I kept reading the tutorials and searching for good learning resources. My goal was to learn the tools and get as much knowledge as possible so I could be able to manipulate my footage creatively with intent. Getting involved in several personal and group projects definitely helped to practice my skills.

Tell us about your favourite film and why it's special to you

I think this film is one of my favorites. This is a portrait of my younger daughter before she turned six. I knew I wanted to come up with a little story about her. We had a talk together about things she wanted to do. Then, I asked her to pick favorite toys and dress up the way she wanted. That blue bike and pink helmet, chalks and little ponies - this all tells pretty much everything to me about her at age five.


What is your best piece of advice for those just getting started with films?

What I’ve learned is that films can be taken in so many directions, depending on our mood, time of the day and of course what’s going on within the frame. Learn your gear and get comfortable with it. Discover the tools in your editing software and explore creative options. This will help you to facilitate the whole process of film making and craft films that are a true representation of you and your style.

Tell us a bit about your Workshop and what students can expect to learn

My main goal is to give students creative tools and knowledge, so that they know what sliders to pull when they spot a problem. Or, create a look without thinking too hard. I want them to feel confident and move beyond basic processing in order to transform their films and make them stand out. The videos below go in to more detail about what I’ll cover and what students can expect to learn…


You can see more of Anita’s work below and you can find her website here, and also follow her on Instagram, Facebook & Vimeo.

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