FilmingLife Academy Vodcast Episode 001

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And yes, Vodcast is totally a thing. Think Podcast, but with video ;)

We are so excited to share with you Episode One of our very own FilmingLife Vodcast!

In this episode we are sharing some pretty special news that you're all going to want to hear about. It's even better than the new Student Hub... I know, I know.... how is that even possible?? Trust me, this is even better.

We also talk about how Allison's Masterclass is going to be launching on the 17th of October, plus she shares a little bit of insight about what you'll learn through doing her class, and we give a shoutout to the peeps that joined as FilmingLifers, PLUS we talk about a recent student film that we both LOVED.

You can watch that film below.

This episode is about 25 min long, so grab your beverage of choice, and either watch (or just listen!) as we talk about all the things - and after you watch it let us know what you think!

Excuse our awkwardness at the beginning... this is still new for us! Hope you enjoy!


Courtney and Allison


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