Filming Life in 2019 | Episode 004 of FilmingLife: The Podcast for Photographers & Filmmakers

In this episode of FilmingLife: The Podcast for Photographers & Filmmakers, Courtney & Allison discuss what’s been happening over the holiday break and the big things coming up for themselves and FilmingLife Academy in 2019.

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Courtney & Allison also welcomed our newest FilmingLifer members, you can find their names & links to their work below:

Velina Maqueira

Katy Allen - WEBSITE

Grace Kulecki - INSTAGRAM

Courtney & Allison also shared about creating their latest family films & what went in to the making of them and you can see them below…

Courtney Holmes - Cooper Family Film


Allison Redmon - Herrmann Family | 2018


And finally, our newest Masterclass - “Learn the Art of Creating Birth Films” with Kailee Riches is going to be available to all members from 6 February 2019!

Ready to start creating films of YOUR everyday?