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What is a ‘Moving Portrait’ Film?

A Moving Portrait, like a photo portrait, is a piece of art that captures the likeness, personality, and even the feelings of the person in MOTION . Think of a Moving Portrait Film as a film that helps us get to know someone special in our lives.

In March and April we challenged our FilmingLife Academy members to create a personal film that encompassed the idea of a ‘Moving Portrait’. Our members exceeded all of our expectations creating beautiful, heartfelt films of the people in their lives.


“Moving Portrait” Member Films


Nikki Gould of Olive Shoot Photography


Neeli Brisky of Eucharisteo Films


Renee McDaniel of Renee McDaniel Photography



What is the #6filmchallenge?

We loved the idea of inspiring our members to go out and create work around a theme every two months throughout the year, so we divided the year into 6 unique themes. Our hope is that members will be inspired to create unique, personal films that are their own interpretations of each theme. So far, we haven’t been disappointed!

These are the #6filmchallnge themes for 2019:

#6filmchallenge , FilmingLife Academy , FLA , FilmingLife Courtney Holmes

Our new theme for May/June is “Interview”. We can’t wait to see what you create!

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