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In January & February we challenged our FilmingLife Academy members to create a personal film that encompassed the idea of ‘Seasons’. Given that our members at FLA are from all over the world, we were excited to see the creative diversity of the films submitted!

What is the #6filmchallenge?

We loved the idea of inspiring our members to go out and create work around a theme every two months throughout the year, so we divided the year into 6 unique themes. Our hope is that members will be inspired to create unique, personal films that are their own interpretations of each theme. So far, we haven’t been disappointed!

These are the #6filmchallnge themes for 2019:

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What we loved most about these January/February submissions are how each member chose to interpret the theme of “Seasons”. Some members chose to go with a more literal interpretation and show life during the Winter or Summer months wherever they live in the world. Others chose to be more abstract and film a season of something important happening in their lives.

The films below represent the work of both our newer members as well as our more experienced members. We love the fact that there is such a wide diversity in the subjects our members chose to film. Take a peek and be inspired by the creativity and lives of these incredible artists!

“Seasons” of Life Films

Neeli Brisky of Eucharisteo Films

Neeli says…

“I’ve also wanted to create a film to remember the season my hubby and I have been walking through the last 2+ years…. I am a firm believer that no matter how hard the season, there can be beauty and good found in the midst of it. “


Jill Seamer of Jill Seamer Photography

Jill says:

“I chose to film the sleepless season currently going on in my house. Sometimes it feels like the feeding, rocking and shushing is endless, but one day my girl won’t need us to rock her to sleep, she won’t always fit in the kitchen sink at bath time and every meal won’t require an outfit change for everyone. I hope we look back when we are a little less tired and remember how much joy there was during this season of life.” 


Cassie Emmett of Capturing Life | Photo + Film

Cassie says:

“My Hubby and our youngest have the most amazing bond. Always have! It was Shanes birthday last weekend so I thought I'd quickly make him a film about the lovely little things they do together in the evenings at the moment. He ALWAYS makes time for her and she loves the things he loves…”


Amanda Peasley of Amanda Peasley Photography

Amanda says:

“My film was inspired by my daughter's birthday, but it's truly about this season of motherhood, with my sweet baby girl. Sadly, my "baby" is turning seven, and the years are flying by, despite my efforts to stretch them. This season is beyond precious to me ~ when I am her first choice, her confidant, her role model. All too soon, her friends will consume her time, and I will cheer her on from the sidelines. But today, we will laugh and play and dance our hearts out!”


Winter as a “Season” Films

Emily Hogan of Emily Hogan Photography

Emily says:

“This was the FIRST of many days of our snowmaggedon here in the PNW. It was windy and bitterly cold and my fingers could only take so much. But I think I was still able to capture the essence and the magic of a snow day is for a child!”


Amber Walder of Amber Walder Photography

Amber says:

“My film is about moving past a really long season we've never been able to go places as a family. Together. With 4 kids - one with autism - which has always been hard for ANY outing... and two toddlers, it's been super hard to do anything together that wasn't a complete overstimulating disaster. We tried a year and a half ago - took a big trip together across the country... and honestly most of us cried through half of  it. It was not memorable in a good way. Even going out to dinner was not doable not all that long ago. But, we tried again last month! And you know what?! We all survived. Not only that but we had fun!!”


Tanya Montpetit of Everyday Is A Photoshoot

Tanya says:

“It was such fun making my first mini-film! So thankful to have found this group and such amazing teachers! Can’t wait to make more!!”


Eran Sudds of Eran Jayne Photography

Eran Says:

“It NEVER snows this much in Vancouver and when it does, the city literally shuts down.  My husband was out of town, and my son's school was canceled, so it was just the two of us, hanging out for the entire day. So, I decided to make a film, just for us and we had a blast! This is our Snow Day!”


Our new theme for March/April is “Moving Portrait”.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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