What's really included in the FilmingLife Academy | Episode 006 of FilmingLife: The Podcast for Photographers & Filmmakers

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In this month’s episode our FilmingLife Academy Founder Courtney Holmes sits down to have an honest chat about what’s really included in the Academy and the amazing content you’ll gain access to when you become a member.

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What’s included in my membership?

When you join the FilmingLife Academy you don’t just get access to the core curriculum, you also get access to ALL Masterclasses, both those already released, and any future Masterclasses we release.

The courses currently available to ALL FilmingLife Academy Members are…

Intro to Filmmaking for Photographers - A course for beginners with zero knowledge. You'll learn basic filmmaking techniques, and create a film for your own family that you'll treasure forever.

Creating Films of Your Everyday - A short course designed to give you tips, ideas, and monthly inspiration to create short films that preserve your families memories.

The Business of Creating Films for Families - An advanced course for those who have a few films under their belt. This course covers my workflow from start to finish, plus advanced storytelling concepts and editing techniques.

Pricing + Marketing Strategies for Family Films - Learn how to price your work and effectively market to your ideal client, while using films to grow your business and thrive in your market.

Discover the Power of Music & Audio for Family Films - A Masterclass by Allison Redmon - This FilmingLife Masterclass will push you to hear things in your music that you’ve never heard before and edit with intentionality, using the music as your guide. You will learn the skills needed to quickly choose a song, to seek out great audio, and to confidently mix your audio in a professional manner.

How to Create a Powerful Showreel - A Masterclass by Courtney Holmes - Learn how to create a showreel of your best work that will have clients knocking down your door to book you

Learn the Art of Creating Birth Films - A Masterclass with Kailee Riches - Whether you're new to the birth scene or a seasoned birth photographer, this Masterclass will give you the tools to document births beautifully. Discover emotional storytelling, the birth process, client communication, and how to capture and edit footage in difficult lighting situations.

Click here to see the full list of included content and classes included in your monthly Academy Membership.

Do I have to pay more to access the Masterclasses?

No! All of out Masterclasses, both available now and coming soon are included in your monthly membership fee. So that means if you join right now you can access all of the core curriculum classes, our 3 already released Masterclasses, and you will have instant access to all future Masterclasses the day they’re released.

Is Anita Perminova’s Advanced Color Grading workshop included in my membership?

No, Anita’s workshop is released quarterly and can be purchased separately to your Academy membership during the open enrolment dates. Anita’s FilmingLife Workshop is an advanced, intensive workshop that is packed full of information and everything you could possibly want to know about colour correction and color grading your films. Anita’s workshop is designed for students who are ready to take a deep-dive into the color grading process. You can learn more about Anita’s workshop and the next enrolment date by clicking here.

Ok, I need to join the FilmingLife Academy, where do I sign up?

All you need to do is click the button below! We can’t wait to welcome you!