Working with Clients | Episode 005 of FilmingLife: The Podcast for Photographers & Filmmakers

In this episode of FilmingLife: The Podcast for Photographers & Filmmakers, Courtney & Allison discuss working with clients, managing expectations & welcome our newest FilmingLifer members.

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Courtney & Allison also welcomed our newest FilmingLifer members, you can find their names & links to their work below:

Kimberley Anderson - website

Rebecca Newell - website, instagram, facebook

Birgit Mons - website, instagram, facebook, vimeo

Fatima Corpion - website, instagram, facebook, vimeo

Sita Kelly - website, instagram, facebook

Student Feature - Nessi Bennaroch


See Courtney’s reaction to Nessie’s film below…


And finally, Courtney & Allison released the news of the second run of Anita Perminova’s exclusive workshop Transform Your Films with Advanced Color Grading. The second run of this in-demand workshop will open for enrolment from March 6th to 13th 2019. Find more information here.

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