5 Reasons You Should Join the FilmingLife Academy

5 Reasons You Should Join the FilmingLife Academy.jpg

Have you been thinking about joining the FilmingLife Academy but you're just not sure if it's the place for you? Here are 5 reasons why you should join...

1. Learn from the master of the craft

Academy founder Courtney Holmes is one of the pioneers of the family filmmaking genre. Courtney is at the top of her game and has poured all of her heart, soul & knowledge into the Academy curriculum and holds nothing back. Whether you're just getting started in family films or you've been making them for a while and want to take your filmmaking to the next level, having access to Courtney's knowledge via the Academy is the best place to start.

When you join the Academy not only will you have access to the most in-depth information on making films with heart, you'll also have access to the master herself to ask any & all questions you might have about the filmmaking and storytelling process. As a member of the Academy you can join the exclusive, live, weekly Q&A sessions Courtney hosts.

Click here to learn more about Courtney Holmes & the expertise she brings to the FilmingLife Academy.

2. In-depth, comprehensive information tailored specifically to family photographers

All students who enrol in the FilmingLife Academy get immediate access to FOUR core courses designed to suit all skill levels. With more than 130 lessons and over 6 hours worth of behind the scenes videos and editing tutorials, the FilmingLife Academy Core Curriculum will give you all the knowledge you need to start creating meaningful films and successfully incorporating them into your family photography business.

The four Core Curriculum courses cover an Introduction to Filmmaking for Photographers, Creating Films of Your Everyday, the Business of Creating Films for Families, and Pricing & Marekting Strategies for Family Films. The Academy is designed to be self-paced, meaning you can take as little or as long as you like to work through the materials and gain a sold understanding of family filmmaking.

Click here to learn more about the full range of courses & pricing available at the FilmingLife Academy.


3. Meet likeminded creatives & get support from the community

The FilmingLife Academy is not just an online course, it's also your ticket to a world of support & advice via the Student Hub. All FilmingLife Academy members gain access to the Student Hub upon enrolment, a place where you can meet other family filmmakers, get support & advice as you learn, bounce ideas off other members about the business side of family filmmaking and get feedback from members on the films you're creating.

The Student Hub is a safe space for you to ask questions big & small, to share & gain inspiration. Courtney & her group of FilmingLife Educators are available in the Student Hub daily to support you, answer your questions & give you the encouragement you need to create your very best films.

4. Become a FilmingLifer & FilmingLifer Pro

Once you've completed the Core Curriculum you'll have the option to sit a multiple choice assessment to demonstrate your knowledge and comprehension of the material you've learned. Once you've passed this test (after a minimum of 4 months in the Self-Study membership) you'll then be offered the opportunity to continue your learning and have the support of the Academy by becoming a FilmingLifer member. FilmingLifer members pay a lower monthly membership fee, and have access to all the new learning materials being added to the Academy regularly.

As a FilmingLifer member, you'll also have the opportunity to become a FilmingLifer Pro. FilmingLifer Pro Members are an elite group of family filmmakers who strive for a professional level of excellence and exemplify artistry in the films they produce. As a FilmingLifer Pro you'll gain exclusive access & opportunities only available to the very best family filmmakers.

5. Exclusive access to FilmingLife Academy Masterclasses & Workshops, taught by some of the world's leading family filmmakers

At the FilmingLife Academy we offer a Core Curriculum of four courses for family films PLUS we offer additional advanced education in the form of Masterclasses, EXCLUSIVELY available only to Academy Members and now included as part of your monthly membership. 

FilmingLife Masterclasses are for students that have a solid grasp on the basics of filmmaking already, and are ready to immerse themselves in an intensive study of a specialised topic directly related to family films. Masterclasses are a great way to extend your skills and really double-down on specific aspects & genres of the family filmmaking business, taught by Educators who are the leaders in their field.

The next Masterclass, open for enrollment on October 17th, is all about discovering the power of using music & audio to take your family films to the next level. Taught by Academy Manager Allison Redmon, you will learn the skills needed to quickly choose a song, to seek out great audio, and to confidently mix your audio in a professional manner.


Along with Discover the Power of Music & Audio for Family Films, upcoming Masterclasses also include How to Create a Powerful Showreel with Courtney Holmes, opening for enrolment on December 4th 2018.

2019 will see even more Masterclasses open for enrolment, starting with Learn the Art of Creating Birth Films with Kailee Riches in February 2019; Add Movement to Portrait Sessions with a Moving Portrait Film, with Kim Hilliard and opening in May 2019; Get in the Frame with a Self-Portrait Film, with Amber Walder and opening in August 2019; and Exploring Creativity in Family Filmmaking with Kylie Purtell from November 2019.

As a FilmingLife Member you’ll also have the opportunity to purchase & enrol in the exclusive quarterly intensive workshop Transform Your Films with Advanced Color Grading, taught by Anita Perminova. The first run of this exclusive workshop will be open for enrollment from November 8th-15th 2018 and is available only to purchase by FilmingLife Academy members.

Bonus Reason:

Becoming a FilmingLife Academy member is not just an investment for your business, it's an investment in your family's memories. Making films of your family takes memory-keeping to the next level and allows you to relive those moments over and over again, in moving colour and powerful audio. Whether you plan to incorporate films in to your photography business, or would just like to create your own treasure trove of family video time-capsules, the FilmingLife Academy is the BEST place to start.

Read what members of the Academy have to say...

Liane Bourke from Liane Bourke Photography says...

"I realised I simply MUST join the academy after watching one of Courtney's films that was narrated by her son and reminded me of the movie Given. The magic that Courtney captured in this particular film was captivating and I wanted a way to be able to offer that magic to my clients too. 

Now that I'm here, there is so much to love about the Academy but most importantly this community. Its such a friendly and supportive place. Ive honestly been shocked with the level of service with one of the teachers responding to my questions within minutes on a Sunday!" 

Jackie Charlebois from Jax Creations says...

"I joined because I first loved Courtney's work. I like that it is a place that I can come and go as needed, or as much as my family will let me be at the computer! Courtney explains everything very well and is amazing at answering questions. I also don't feel like she or any of the instructors are holding back when it comes to teaching or asking questions. And- best part ;) the Student Hub is a drama-free safe place."

Nikki Gould from oliveshot.com says...

"I love the content, and how down to earth and real Courtney is!! I feel like we're old friends in the Q&A's and other interactions. She's incredibly knowledgeable and so willing to help!"

Brianne Hidalgo from Boho Babes Photography says...

"The community that you become a part of is incredibly supportive. I highly recommend joining, even if you have never tried video in the past- Courtney will walk you through it all step by step."

Renee McDaniel from Renee McDaniel Photography says...

"The content given on the Core Curriculum for the price is unbelievable. I feel like there's so much depth and so much to learn. I see this as a huge value for the price."

Ready to start creating films of YOUR everyday?