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 I started out filming families, using just my camera and my instincts. My love for video came from a lifetime of involvement in the creative arts as a singer, musician, actress, and photographer with a love for storytelling. My dad made home movies of me has a child, which are now my family's most treasured possessions to date and fuel my passion for filming my own family.

With his encouragement, I started shooting video on my DSLR and fell in love with the entire process of filming, incorporating music, and storytelling. What I love the most about filmmaking is that each time I watch a film I've made of my children, I feels like I am able to relive those moments over and over.

I was born and raised in the US, primarily living in either Georgia or Tennessee until I was about 21. In the summer of my third year of college, I met (and 9 months later married) the love of my life who swept me off my feet and brought me to live in Australia where I've loved living ever since. Together we have had two young children – my muses.

During my sessions I draw on 18+ years of experience as a storyteller/musician to create a nostalgic experience for my clients in my work through the use of carefully hand selected music and thoughtful, intentional storytelling.

In 2017 I was named one of Clickin Mom's Top 100 Photographers to Watch, was interviewed on the PhotobizXPosed Podcast, and presented at The Baby Summit - an international conference for photographers. In June 2018 I taught a class at CreativeLive and I presented at The Family Narrative in Sydney, Australia in August.


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