I believe that learning how to make films shouldn't be complicated. When I first started out, there were no video courses out there that were geared towards family photographers and it took me hours and hours of trial and error plus researching online and watching YouTube tutorials to figure out what I was doing. I created the FilmingLife Core Curriculum to change that.

I have poured all of my knowledge into each and every course in the FilmingLife Academy

to make it easier for YOU to get started.


Teaching is in my blood.

Take an intimidating concept and break it down into manageable steps?

Challenge accepted.
And beyond the satisfaction I get from geeking out over simplifying filmmaking for photographers,I get the biggest thrill when I witness a "light bulb" moment from a student who's learned something new.That moment, that feeling... that's what I'm most passionate about. Witnessing a student's success.


I've got plenty of that too.