The content given through the FilmingLife Academy for the price is unbelievable. I feel like there’s so much depth and so much to learn. I see this as a huge value for the price.
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 All students who enroll in the FilmingLife Academy get instant access to more than 200 lessons and over 8 hours worth of behind the scenes videos and editing tutorials.

Our courses will give you all the knowledge you need to start creating meaningful films and successfully incorporating them into your family photography business.

Normally you would pay hundreds of dollars for access to each course inside the Academy (in fact the RRP for all the courses combined is over $2100), but you can join today and start learning for just $75 a month. For less than the cost of buying a cup of coffee each day, you get access to hundreds of lessons and videos specifically tailored to photographers just like you.

Study on your own schedule, at your own pace, with support from our educators and the community when you need it. Get instant access to real time, regularly updated education that adapts as technology advances.

Includes the following courses:

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Intro to Filmmaking For Photographers

with Courtney Holmes | Join Now for Instant Access

A course for beginners with zero knowledge. You'll learn basic filmmaking techniques, and create a meaningful keepsake film.

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Create Films of Your Everyday

with Courtney Holmes | Join Now for Instant Access

A short course designed to give you tips, ideas, and monthly inspiration to create short films that preserve your families memories.

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The Business of Creating Films For Families

with Courtney Holmes | Join Now for Instant Access

An advanced course for those who have a few films under their belt. This course covers my workflow from start to finish, plus advanced storytelling concepts and editing techniques.

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Pricing + Marketing Strategies For Family Films

with Courtney Holmes | Join Now for Instant Access

Learn how to price your work and effectively market to your ideal client, while using films to grow your business and thrive in your market.

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with Allison Redmon | Available Now

This FilmingLife Masterclass will push you to hear things in your music that you’ve never heard before and edit with intentionality, using the music as your guide. You will learn the skills needed to quickly choose a song, to seek out great audio, and to confidently mix your audio in a professional manner.

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How to Create a Powerful Showreel

with Courtney Holmes | Available Now

Learn how to create a showreel of your best work that will have clients knocking down your door to book you, just in time for the new year.


Learn the Art of Creating Birth Films

with Kailee Riches | Available Now

Whether you're new to the birth scene or a seasoned birth photographer, this Masterclass will give you the tools to document births beautifully. Discover emotional storytelling, the birth process, client communication, and how to capture and edit footage in difficult lighting situations.


Get in the Frame with a Self Portrait Film

with Amber Walder | Coming 1 Aug 2019

We go through so much effort to make films for our own family, but when our kids watch the films from their childhood in 40-50 years the one thing missing from them will be you. This Masterclass will teach you how to change that future, get in the frame, and preserve memories for your children that include YOU in them.


Exploring Creativity in Family Films

with Kylie Purtell | Coming 1 Jan 2020

If we don’t create films for ourselves, then we are missing out on a huge opportunity to develop our own unique style. This Masterclass will help you unleash your creativity and develop your artistic vision for your films.


Add Movement to Portrait Sessions with a Moving Portrait Film

with Kim Hilliard | Date TBD

Designed specifically for portrait and lifestyle photographers, this Masterclass will help you incorporate video into your photography sessions in a simple and easy way. Learn how to create Moving Portraits and start offering your clients a tangible, emotional memory of their child that they will treasure forever.